Start a new career or add to your knowledge in the beauty industry and physical care by taking our micropigmentation training.

In Permanent Makeup International you will receive Basic and Advanced training in Permanent Cosmetic Makeup with Dr. Yolanda; who has over 12 years of experience in the industry, 10 years of experience as a Doctor and Eye Surgeon since 1988. Dr. Yolanda is also a Certified Instructor from Nouveau Contour International Academy.

Dr. Yolanda Peña

Ophtalmologist (Cuba) | CPCP



  • Skin types and their application to the Fitzpatrick guide.

  • Color theory and pigment corrections.

  • Types of needles and their specific use depending on the desired effect.

  • Professional design (visagism) of eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

  • Indications and contraindications of permanent make up procedures.

  • Anatomy and basic physiology of the skin, eyes, and lips.

  • In the Basic courses, you will learn modern techniques to do soft eyebrow shading, basic eye, and lip shaping.

  • In the Advanced courses, you will learn techniques to do hair simulation,  eyebrow shading with hybrid techniques, and application of hair simulation with Nanoneedles; which produce a Microblading effect, eyeshadow, and full lip tattoo.

  • Principles and effective application to avoid contaminations and blood-borne diseases. 

  • Health standards and necessary licenses to operate a Micropigmentation business.

  • Care instructions for before and after each type of procedure.

  • The difference between inorganic and organic pigments and their application in Micropigmentation.

  • Practice the designs learned on synthetic skins.

  • Practice on "live" models once you have acquired the necessary practical knowledge.

  • Receive a Nouveau Countour completion certificate of the type of course carried out (Basic or Advanced) that will allow you to apply for your professional license.

"After the Micropigmentation classes, you will be ready to start this exciting profession on your own and will be able to help increase the confidence, security and emotional state of many people, not only by improving their physical condition but also those that due to associated illnesses can not benefit from regular cosmetic makeup. "

Total: 100 hrs


*Includes certificate, practice materials, snacks and lunch for the 5 days of theoretical / practical sessions in my office.

BASIC COURSE 1: Brows: Theory for the practical design of all the Micropigmentation techniques applied to the eyebrows:

  1. Shaded eyebrows.

  2. Hairless eyebrows.

  3. Mixed technique, 3D effect, and technique Ombre.

  4. Introduction to Microblading.

  5. Theory of colors.

  6. Pigment correction.

* Includes anatomy, physiology, visagism, design, indications, contraindication, and treatment.


BASIC COURSE 2: Learn the fundamental procedures of:

  1. Shaded eyebrows (no hair or 3D effect).

  2. Classic Eyeliner (simple and delicate).

  3. Lipliner with defined and/or soft effect.


Basic Courses

Total: 8 hrs ea


*Includes Certificate, practice materials, snacks and lunch.

  1. Advanced Eyebrow Course: Hair to hair eyebrows, 3D or hybrid technique and Ombre technique. (8 hrs)

  2. Advanced Course of Eyeliner and Eye Shading. Designs and colors (8 hrs)

  3. Advanced full lips tattoo course. (8 hrs)

If you apply for more than 2 courses you are offered a 10% total discount.

$ 700 ea

Advanced Courses (*Basic courses must be passed)

Total: 6 hrs


*Includes snacks.

  • Theory of Colors and pigment corrections. Practical demonstrations

  • Types and uses of needles. Theory and practice of different needle configurations.

  • Eyebrow visagism, eyeliner or lip liner. Practice in synthetic skin.

  • Anatomy, physiology of the skin, eyes, and lips.

$ 500 

Deepening Course






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